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Skin Resurfacing

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Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing gives you a whole-face refresh without the need for surgery. At Coastal Dermatology & Medspa in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, experienced board-certified dermatologist Sanjiva Goyal, MD, uses the latest skin resurfacing methods to get great results that support your own natural beauty. Call the office nearest you now or click on the online appointment feature.

Skin Resurfacing Q & A

What is skin resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing removes damaged and dead skin cells while stimulating skin cell renewal and collagen growth. It’s a nonsurgical method of skin rejuvenation that many patients love because it offers beautiful, long-lasting results without surgery.


Is skin resurfacing the right treatment for me?

Skin resurfacing can provide excellent results for many patients who are concerned with:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aging skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Acne scars
  • Rough skin texture

After a skin exam and discussion of your goals for skin resurfacing, you can decide if it’s the best treatment for you. Depending on your goals, your specialist could recommend combining skin resurfacing with another treatment. 

For example, if you have mild-to-moderate skin sagging in the middle and lower parts of your face, a nonsurgical procedure called a polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift can help. A PDO thread lift reduces jowls and marionette lines in the lower face while stimulating collagen growth.

You can combine a PDO thread lift with skin resurfacing. Coastal Dermatology & Medspa can recommend the correct order to do the two procedures. Most patients who go this route usually have the skin resurfacing treatment at least a couple of weeks ahead of the PDO thread lift.


How does skin resurfacing work?

Coastal Dermatology & Medspa uses an innovative skin resurfacing system that blends several types of technology to help you achieve excellent results. 

First, skin resurfacing removes the dead and damaged skin cells in your epidermis (the top layer) and exposes the clear and smooth skin beneath it.

Additionally, skin resurfacing reaches into the dermis (the middle skin layer), where your body produces collagen. This triggers new collagen formation, which rises up over time to smooth out wrinkles, lines, and pitting.


What happens after skin resurfacing?

You’ll get detailed recovery instructions after your treatment. Depending on the specific skin resurfacing approach, you might need a few days of “social downtime,” during which it’s best to go without makeup.

Follow the provided skin care instructions during your recovery, including using a high-quality emollient and gentle cleansing products. When you’re in the sun, be sure to wear sunblock.

Skin resurfacing can be an effective skin revitalization procedure because it tackles many problems simultaneously. Call the nearest Coastal Dermatology & Medspa office today or click the online booking feature to learn more.