By Sanjiva Goyal
November 18, 2019
Category: Dermatology
Tags: botox  

Perhaps you look in the mirror and wish that you could turn back time because of unsightly wrinkles on your face or frustrating forehead lines. However, instead of speaking negatively about yourself, you should take action to improve your appearance with Botox! Here at Coastal Dermatology & Med Spa, our dermatologist will help you enjoy the full benefits of this popular cosmetic treatment. With offices in both Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, our dermatologist, Dr. Sanjiva Goyal, can help make those imperfections less obvious, helping to improve both your confidence and self-esteem throughout the process!
How Botox Improves Your Appearance
Botox relaxes your facial muscles and smooths out wrinkles. Dermatologists often apply Botox in wrinkle-prone areas of the face, such as frown lines, and crow's feet. Because Botox prevents the muscles in these areas from contracting, they cannot move, giving you a more youthful and natural-looking appearance.
What Happens During You Botox Appointment
After evaluating the condition of your skin and deciding to move forward with the procedure, our providers will safely and gently inject the Botox solution into the identified treatment areas. It typically takes 24-72 hours to take effect, but once the procedure is complete, you'll be free to carry on with your day as usual. In 14 days, you will notice the full result of treatment.
Give Us a Call
If you are ready to begin Botox treatment in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist at Coastal Dermatology & Med Spa. To learn more about Botox and other services we provide, visit our website. If you live in the Jacksonville area, please call 904-727-9123 for questions and inquiries, or contact our Ponte Vedra Beach office at 904-567-1050.